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What are "prompts"?

A prompt is a short set of keywords combined so that an AI text-to-image generator can understand what kind of image you want to make.

“high quality photo 3d render low angle shot of cute skull made of green translucent slime blobs, yellow background”

Prompt by ToySkull

Why marketplace?

Nailing the exact prompt is hard.

It takes time, and it is costly. Starting a text prompt from scratch can drain your credits on DALL-E, MidJourney, and NightCafe. That is why we have created NeutronField so that you can start from ready-made text prompts made by the best prompt engineers out there.

“tall black concrete monument in the middle of the street inspected by a group of hairy monkeys chimpanzees, misty sunrise buildings in the background”

Prompt by CyberMinimal

Can I Contribute?

It is all about sharing and supporting other prompt artists.

Join NeutronField and share your best prompts, connect your PayPal account in two easy steps and earn money selling!

Free Prompts!

If you want to share your prompts for free, you can always do so, paste your entire prompt in the description field and set the price to $1 so people can still award you for your contribution to the AI community.